Our Profile

  General Company Description
       Call Us To Do It is an affordable Handyman Service providing basic residential and commercial services such as light construction, maintenance, repairs, remodeling as well as providing 24/7 on call emergency repair services.
  Mission Statement
       The task that this company has chosen to undertake is to provide unique and high quality services to our clients at a fair and competitive price. To provide employment as well as opportunities of personal advancement coupled with on-the-job training to men and women within our local working and marketing area. To Maintain the highest standard of Ethics, Fair Trade and holding to the honor of this industry and to the contracts, both written and with the oral word, given on a handshake.
  Vision Statement
       Together, we can make things better. From getting the job done right the first time while putting people to work. To grow into a company that is large enough to have the buying power, to affordably maintain our own warehousing, of companies like WalMart and Home Depot to be able to bring the cost of materials down below the retail level and it affordable to our clients. To grow into a cooperation that can offer business opportunities to people who are committed in making a difference in serving their communities. To become America's Household Name, Call Us To Do it.
  Ethic Rule
       This company being, the agents of this company, employees of this company, the officers of this company, have given their oath to not engage in any illegal activity on or off the Job/Project.
     Once a Job/Project Quote has been created, printed, delivered and accepted by the Client, the content/price will not be modified in any way without the joint consent of both the Client and this company.
     This company is an Equal Opportunity Establishment regarding any persons, customers/employees and shall not demonstrate bias towards any of a person’s orientation of all matter that are protected by the Civil Rights Act 1964 88-352 (78 Stat. 241).
       Together, we will make it happen.
       Get the Job Done Right the First Time.
       Job Quality is always #1.