Call Us To Do It


Friday, December 15, 2023

Written by CEO: John Cassell



Company Changes



Company Changes


Grow doesn t happen without change.

Profits wither without change.


Change 1


Starting this month, I have implemented Office Operations Policy and Procedures to start to systemize the operations of our office as well as improve on information exchange, better office efficiency and productivity and yes, both are distinctly different.


One of the areas is in the Accounting Department, sharing financial information. This is vital to the minute-by-minute operations both in the office and in the field. Normal lines of communication can sometimes be held up or even disrupted when the need to know the situation of available funds can mean the difference of completing a Job/Project on time of it being delayed.


Change 2


Our office has officially moved from 1916 Flaggy Meadow Rd, Mannington, West Virginia 26582 to 1228 Country Club Rd, Fairmont, West Virginia 26554. From Today on, this will be the company s operational headquarters.


Change 3


Call Us To Do It will be creating a new company to be known as GG Advertising . GG Advertising will be the advertising and marketing drive for all businesses that this company will be affiliated with.


Change 4


Area-Zone Corporation is now active and will be studying the overall operations of Call Us To Do It along with several other potential companies it is looking to purchase. If our company is purchased by Area-Zone Corporation, the basic operations will remain the same, all employees will be retained and a gradual upgrade of operations, policies and procedures and equipment will be put into place.


Change 5


Contingent on the purchase by Area-Zone Corporation, I will be remaining as CEO of Call Us To Do It by will no longer have ownership there in. All decisions will be made by the sitting board members.


Any other additional information is available upon request by writing to


Call Us To Do It, LLC

1228 Country Club Rd suite 200B

Fairmont, West Virginia 26554